Yah Horng Photoelectric Co., Ltd.
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Company Information :
The company conducts research and development, design,
manufacturing, and sales of proximity switches,
photoelectric switches, and special sensors.

CE recognition available.

Be the best is our business principles.
Yah Horng's objective is to be a leading supplier
in the proximity and photoelectric switches field.
Business Type :
  Export, Import, Manufacture, Wholesale, OEM/ODM, Retail
Established In :
Export Markets :
Main Products :
Photoelectric Switches, Proximity Switches, Sensors.
No. of Total Staff :

Connective Photoelectric Switch
Connective Cable
Cube Shape Proximity Switch
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Contact Person-1 : Mr. James Wu / General Manager E-mail-1 : yahhorng@yahhorng.com
Contact Person-2 : Mr. Dennis Jan / Marketing Manager
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